A Groupon cautionary tale

Photo: Clay Banks on Unsplash

We needed to do a thorough move-out cleaning to sell our house. So we found a service on Groupon and scheduled them for Monday morning.

They never showed up. They never called. They just ghosted us.

We got a refund from Groupon, and hired another company off Groupon that had…



The freshness in season right now and ready for your summer plate

Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

I know when many Americans think of summer, we think of Fourth of July and Labor Day barbecues full of grilled food and watermelon. I loved having a nice, juicy watermelon as a kid and enjoying the refreshing hydration that fruit brought to me on a hot day.

Summer is the season for more than watermelons though. There are summer squash, berries, cherries, corn, melons, grapes, peaches, tomatoes, and okra, along with much more produce to add to any summer recipe.

I love making a delightful fruit salad with the fruit ingredients or a vegetable plate seasoned perfectly and featuring some of the best that summer has to offer.

I would have to say that summer is probably my favorite time for food.



Of the unnatural kind

Marcelo Chagas

It’s morning. I awake rested, hungry and sore.

Showering melts away some of my discomforts as I suds up my hair.
I hear a noise outside the bathroom and then feel pounding.

Grabbing a towel to wrap myself I take a quick look around.
The doorbell rings. Then the pounding again.

I swing open the front door to Jac smirking and giving me the once over. I ask her to sit while I finish up.
“You’re not much for decorating are you?”

After a quick rinse, I dress and rejoin her.
“What brings you by?”

“Concern, curiosity and I’m guessing you’re pretty hungry. You up for a ride?”
There’s that look of mischief again begging me to bite.

“I donated everything, starting new.”

Her eyes locked on mine awaiting a response.
I nod and we head out.

“How do you know Marcela?”



How could you possibly live with me?

Suzy Hazelwood

Funny, I was just thinking the same.

A day I refer to myself in the third person, because I have grown sick of myself.

Why don’t you just skate off to that nice coffee shop while I visit the bookstore?

You know the drill, when you want a break from yourself but are not quite certain how to get it without all around you suspecting you require “Help”.

There are days I am trapped within myself and others I feel somewhat distant.

The days I am totally present, Gold, with little thought of myself at all.

Days like today?, well it’s a little like an invasion of the body snatchers.

Not totally bad, just different, kinda like me, just different.

You know what?

I’m OK with that, Me too!