An unsolved problem

Photo: Ron Lach from Pexels

My husband (sometimes) uses a set of Eargo hearing aids. Unlike traditional hearing aids, which need to be customized by an audiologist, these are preprogrammed. You clap your hands on your ears, and the pressure wave cycles the devices through their programs.

Today, one was garbled, and one was completely…



but I’m not going back

Photo by Donovan Reeves on Unsplash

As a child and teenager, I loved going to Disney almost every year on vacation. It was where my mom and I spent no-stress time together and bonded. Time was enhanced by many wonderful rides and foods.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Disney at Christmas, Halloween and all four seasons.

However, my mother recently asked me if I would go back. Initially, I told her no because of decreased health (her) and mobility (both).

Recently, we found out that a day in the park (no hopper, which was a favorite perk) was almost $200. I’m not sure how much it was when we went but wow- inflation.

I’m just glad I had a lot of great memories to last a lifetime.



Breaks & Confusion
Photo by Alexander Dummer:

As human beings, it is common for us to feel confused.

Our life never happens on our terms so it is quite obvious for us to get confused in completely new situations.

So, during those times what I always do is —

Instead of running away from the issues or continuously procrastinating, it is always a better option to solve them.

That is exactly what I have done for my recent issues.

Any opinion on that?