Keeping it simple this month

two new journals for October. Photo by me.

October is my favorite month of the year. I’m busy seeking thrills and spooks.

This month, I’m going to try to simplify my journals. I chose a small brown notebook to fill in with daily entries, complete with stickers, pictures, and maybe a little drawing.

I also finally started a…



Don’t allow fear to destroy your ideal reality.

Photo : R.D. Smith

Dreams, imagination, and ideas are the keys to manifesting your deepest desires. Many ideas that come to mind will never amount to anything because no action is taken. But what if you did act on your ideas?

Fear is a root cause of failure. We don’t fail because we can’t…



Photo by Trey Gibson on Unsplash

Now to put my writing ability to the test.

I have been attempting to write a heartfelt letter to the courts to hand in with my petition.

I want it to be sincere and heartfelt but composed as well.

I'm not good with the spoken word.

I barely can be…




BichoDoMato- Bicho Spills — Medium Blog — Image of a Halloween Ghost standing in the void! Funny image
AI-generated — BichoDoMato

It was a Bargain!

I only paid 10% of my soul.

Wait a minute…. 10% forever or 10% per year?

I wanted to check the fine prints… But there were no contracts!

The Deal

I’m such a pro at “crastination” that they invented this term in my honor:


I need to get things done here…