Dear Coffee — II

Weak Coffee and Weaker People

I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got no time for weak-ass coffee.

You can keep your k-cups
your Dunkin Doughnuts
light brown see-through blah.
Your Starbucks, well…
at least it’s got some balls
unfortunately it tastes like balls.
It’s a shame
when $0.30 of Folgers
whoops your $6 latte.

I drink work coffee
black death coffee
made by my hands coffee.
Double, no,
triple strength brewed,
thick like devil snot
piping hot
my lovely coffee pot.

Except, some DICK empties the coffee pot at 8:30AM and sits it… SITS IT… to the side. It’s right next to the coffee grounds and filters. What kind of shit human being does that?

I’ll tell you what kind. The same kind of low life who eats your food out of the company refrigerator. The same kind of person who is a no-dish-washing no-toilet-flushing roommate. The same kind of person who has his or her mother washing their clothes util they’re 30.

Goddamn parasites.

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