Extra! Extra! The ‘Daily H’ Gets Censored!


Hang on, though. I’m not complaining. Let me explain.

The image below was, originally, my Title text and a Medium article link:

As such, it was snagged by the spam/inappropriate content thingy, so I’m not really bothered. If it gets rid of stupid shit like the above posting, I can live with that.

It appeared perfectly normal and visible to me but got absolutely zero traffic. I’m no superhero of hit, clicks, and recommends, but I was concerned that maybe I’d written something that managed to disgust/piss off anyone who read it while not disgusting/pissing them off enough to make a comment to go fuck myself.

I mentioned this to a friend on Medium who told me they couldn’t see the piece.

Ah ha!

So, here it is, republished with anything that would trip the gag me monitors removed, as far as I know. I’ll see, I guess.

The following quoted bits are from Raj’s/Pandey’s attempt at a sexy alluring story that would compel readers to… go to India and hire a prostitute, I guess? He claims his appearance is that of a smart band.

(Thanks to Hannah for her somewhat disturbing help with the images)

“After a while, an emphatic pitcher came out of my cocks and I fell into the blaze.”

Wait… WHAT!?

Okay, let’s back that up, start at the beginning, Pandey.

“My fiend, whose name is Manasi, is less than any heroine in appearance. Its color is definitely a bit of a face, but still she looks very beautiful.”

I always wished I was face colored.

“His physiological erosion is so sensual that no one can see him and start filling him.”

Should probably look into that erosion problem, sensual or not.

“Mary and Mansi were friends in Coaching of Physics, since then we both became friends with each other.”

I bet Coaching of Physics is fun! Get in there you whiney little electron! Negative charge, my ass! Pain is just alpha particles leaving the body! Ready on three! One… two… three, FISSION!

“On the question of Mom, she said that while descending from the stairs, her legs had turned.”

“She was a girl with a good nature and she used to remain with everyone only.”

Inclusive and exclusive, at the same time, that’s talent.

“I invited him to watch the movie.”

For those reading who don’t know, they only have one movie in Madhiya Pradesh, Rhinestone, starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone, dubbed in Bengali.

“both of us were also dancing together, while handing my hand”

I guess that’s better than fingering your finger.

“After a while, an emphatic pitcher came out of my cocks and I fell into the blaze. He told that during that time he had also fallen.”

“when I got an eye, it was not known.”

A gift from the lesser known cousin of the Tooth Fairy, the Eyeball Fairy.

“Then at about 2:30 in the night my hand went to his chest. I felt sleepy when I got some padded feeling. But there was no reaction. I was looking very soft on her”

Well, stop rockin the hashish before bedtime and that padded feeling won’t be an issue. Also, your pronouns are crunk, fool… again, hash, man, hash.

“I slowly turned my hand around.”

Hash, man.

“I slowly came to her bed and started ticking her up by topping her.”

You were just saying your hand went to his/her chest, yet in order to tick-top him/her you had to go to his/her bed? Are you Reed Richards?

“After a while I removed it from her , Then I saw that her blood had gone out of her bed and fell on the bed.”

“Now I got up and took off all our clothes and she also indicated that she should wear my clothes.”

Kinky. If she starts talking about it putting the lotion on the skin, run, dude, run!

“Now he was very hot.”

Well, he/she should have stuck to his/her own clothes then.

“I spit a lot on his bun and his cocks and set his lung on his throat”

I just… I mean… you… no.

“In the shots, my half-cocks in the shot had entered into her mind, Um ,. Ahhh ,. hay ,. yah ,.”

Again, I got nothin.

“But the tears of his eyes started flowing with his eyes.”

Well, Indy told you not to look.

“My cock was also cremated with his blood.”

“Then I cleaned my cocks.”

“When morning arose, it was not going to run properly.”

“After tea-breakfast, he left the house. He also told the same to the villagers when he asked them.”

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