The Vegemite Trials

(Update: Day Three)


Okay, so I like Vegemite when applied in the right way. However, I still wasn’t doing it justice. An Aussie friend showed me a properly toasted Vegemite and Cheese sandwich and I got jealous.

So the next time I went to the store I decided to look for a sandwich press/toaster. Why not a toaster oven? I’m just not that sophisticated.

Well, I went to the store and bought a bunch of things and on driving home it occurred to me that a sandwich press was not among those things. I had forgotten, as I often do.

Damn you, Vegemite.

I should add here that I keep this stuff at work since I eat breakfast and lunch here. I could have taken it all home and used a real oven, but I probably would have just forgotten.

So there I am at work, craving a Vegemite and cheese sandwich, but my only option is, toast the bread, put stuff on it, and then microwave. You get a soggy-ass sandwich that way.

The I spotted the waffle maker… could that work? I went over the mental calculations in my head. It seemed a workable theory. So, I put some thin slices of butter on one piece of loaf bread and then smeared the other piece with Vegemite. I added a few pinches of cheddar, closed them together, and placed the sandwich in the waffle maker. It closed with just a light pressure.

So far, so good... but would it work?

You bet your ass it worked. Perfectly. Toasted just perfect, cheese melted, etc. It worked so well, screw buying a sandwich press. That waffle maker works too well.. at least until someone tries making waffles in it again and wonders why they taste like feet.

How did it taste? Damn good. Can you tell?

Mmm mmm.

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