A celebration of American culture and politics. Because the world needs more hot takes about American culture and politics. Obviously.

Trump’s Term Will Have Been Beneficial To America


If You Believe in Justice in Vermont, You Must Vote for David Zuckerman and Molly Gray

Is there a future for the Liberal Democrats?

Why Eminem Hit A Home Run With His Freestyle While Caitlin Johnstone Swings And Misses

Happy Hypocritical Memorial Day from Mayor Pete and Joe Biden

Radical Self -Enquiry via Yoga Sutra Study

Our Democracy Depends On A Safe Election in November

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Matthew Spira

Matthew Spira

Just a middle-aged dude doing middle-aged things. Poetry repository: matthewspira.org. 1st collection, The End of the Rainbow, on sale: http://amzn.to/32Kkt3d

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