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A celebration of American culture and politics. Because the world needs more hot takes about American culture and politics. Obviously.

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Andrew “what did you do about it?”

Hello just new to medium -looking forward to new beginnings– been a long time coming

Frequency Changes for WRMI for A22 Season

Frequency Changes for WRMI for A22 Season

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Matthew Spira

Matthew Spira

Just a middle-aged dude doing middle-aged things. Poetry repository: 1st collection, The End of the Rainbow, on sale:

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Never Go Back

Today is a Tragic Day in U.S. History

Pro-abortion rally with protestor holding sign that reads: You’re pro-life until the baby is poor, transgender, Black, gay, Mexican, disabled, sick, etc…”

The Supreme Court of the United States of America v. The United States of America

Men, You Have a Stake In the Abortion Fight, Too