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Letter sent on Apr 30, 2017

Welcome to All!

Hello to all, and thank you for stopping by.

The Lawrencian Report aims to provide exactly what many perceive the mainstream media is lacking — and that is providing adequate and neutral news to all.

A Lawrence, Massachusetts-based publication covering a range of topics, such as politics, education, history, and multilingualism for all to consume, The Lawrencian Report will initiate its journalistic campaign in calling out all who fail to provide for a better tomorrow. Criticisms will be made ad nauseam while tackling all perspectives without fear of opposition and imminent silence.

Providing reports to you in English, Spanish, and soon we will have Brazilian Portuguese editing on board, as well, we welcome you to our small but hopeful and diverse publication.

We will always practice due diligence in providing fact-based and informative news to keep our audience up-to-date.

With your support, ideas, concerns, and, most importantly, your feedback, The Lawrencian Review looks forward to your partnership as you consume the big picture from a local perspective.

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