Aug. 24, 2016 — Debauchery Edition

A recap of last evening’s antics at 30,000 feet, in verse:

With much to gain, Markieff and Kaine

Met up on Clinton’s private plane.

They ate chow mein and drank champagne

And plotted out their new campaign

While smoking Mary Jane (obtained

From Kaine’s old pal Barack Hussein,

Who found the strain in West Bahrain -

It hit them like a speeding train).

They planned to feign a simple game

To cause The Donald lots of pain.

Cried Kaine, “He seems to think Ukraine

Is owned by Putin’s ugly reign.

Trump’s petty brain will go insane

When we use eminent domain

To claim Ukraine our own terrain -

And then rename Ukraine: “U-Kaine!”

Their plan ingrained, Markieff and Kaine

Then told the pilot: “On to Spain!”

Through pouring rain — a hurricane! -

They sampled Bill’s on-plane cocaine

And shouted statements so profane

And vain that Trump would be ashamed.

(They both agreed that “Kieff ‘n Kaine,”

Made quite a splendid sitcom name.)


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