The Daily Markieff — Aug. 9, 2016 — Hysteria Edition

It happened so fast. One moment — an item story in Politico. The next — mass hysteria over Trump’s alleged new strategy.

The headlines landed in the press with a fever that even drowned out Trump’s latest comment suggesting gun owners could just murder Hillary Clinton if she wins the election.

The Washington Post: Report — Trump Advisers Contemplating ‘Graveyard Shift’ in Campaign Strategy
The New York Times: Dead People Have Yet to Vote — But…This Election Is Like No Other
BuzzFeed: 13 Times America Has Tried to Let Dead People Vote — and Failed
Gawker: We Found the First Dead Voter Ever — and He’s Gay
National Review: America Is Stronger When Dead People Participate
Vox: Three Charts Showing Why Digging Up Every Dead Person & Bringing Them to the Polls Is Even More Impossible Than Deporting 12 Million Undocumented Immigrants
College Humor: Trump’s New Plan Gives Hope to Bernie Supporters — “Weekend at Bernie’s,” That Is!
Time Magazine: Special Report on Aging: Better to Vote Dead or Alive?
US Weekly: Markieff’s Bromance With Mike Pence — Exclusive Photos
The Wall Street Journal: Exhuming Services Drive Record Day for Stock Indices
Politico: We Had The Story First

The Trump campaign could not be reached for comment, but reiterated that “unity” is a word.

The Clinton campaign declined to comment, but one staffer tweeted, “I think the term ‘passed away’ is a little more respectful toward all dead Americans, don’t you think Donald?”


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