Beware the Ides of March — And Other Snippets That Stick.

It’s funny what we remember.

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Memory amazes me. I have always been one of those people who can remember long ago events as if I am seeing them fresh. Very visually based. So for most of my life it seemed like I was the lucky recipient of memory super powers. Lucky or not, as I get older I find that my memory mechanism is shifting. It is less efficient and easily distracted. “Why did I walk in this room again?” But it can also dive deep and find some complex connections that I enjoy. Getting older has its benefits, a vast collection of life memories is one of them. Yet, there are some stubborn little snippets from my past that seem to have secured unwarranted footing in my memory bank. Spotlight attention that simply does not jive with their (lack of?) importance. One of these enduring little flash memories is the quote “Beware the Ides of March.” So today, on March 15th, I shake my head and think, Caesar should have listened. Then I think, why do I always remember this one tiny detail from my education? Today I would like to send out an apology to all the things from high school that I simply cannot remember. Like the name of the English teacher that had us read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Since we are not in Caesar’s position, I say let the Ides of March be a day of appreciating our capacity to remember! Even the little snippets. Happy Ides of March everyone!

Quick -but not too quick- weekday shares in succinct paragraphs covering any and all things that might catch my attention.

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Kristi Sansé

Kristi Sansé

An American living in the French countryside renovating an old farmhouse with my husband and finding time to write about things as I see them.

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