Copywriting for Non-Copywriters

How one copywriter was stumped into learning more about what the heck copywriting is anyway.

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You know when you think you know something? That is, you’re sure you know it until you have to try and explain it to someone else? I am a writer, an entrepreneur and a lover of copywriting. But a few years ago I had a moment that caused my brain to clunk to a stop and drop it’s jaw. Let me set the stage. As part of my work I help professionals that speak English as a second (or third!) language, communicate in English with confidence. In 2020, when online meetups felt like a comforting new social option, I hosted an online writing support group. As we chatted about entrepreneurial writing, we referred to “content and copy” more than once. I knew that one client probably felt left out. I imagine she was thinking about copying, like from one thing to another. Or perhaps like a copyright for a book. So I gave a quickie lesson.

“This use of “copy” is from copywriting, and copywriting is like advertising writing.”

But after that session I felt a shadow of doubt. Had I said the right thing? I realized I couldn’t quite pin down the definition of copywriting myself. This is the moment my brain went ~clunk. So I Googled it. On the one hand, yes I had said a right description, admittedly a rather limited one. But what struck me in this tumble down the Google rabbit hole is that copywriting is actually much more ~and more interesting~ than I had realized. It was this comprehension check point that spurred me on to learn more (and more!) about copywriting. And damn, am I forever thankful for that! Today, as a serious copywriting groupie, my not-so-succinct quickie definition-

Copywriting is advertising or marketing writing designed to catch the attention of your audience, make a connection and persuade them to take an action, like signing up or buying something.

And I haven’t even mentioned my hearthrob yet… branding voice! 😍



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Kristi Sansé

Kristi Sansé

An American living in the French countryside renovating an old farmhouse with my husband and finding time to write about things as I see them.