Celebrating letdown — The Daily PPILL #492

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1 min readOct 17, 2023

Responsibly, I would say. Nothing crazy.

I poured myself a Negroni and slowly sipped on it. (If you like an Old Fashioned, or a Manhattan, and don’t know what a Negroni is, you have to remedy that. Sweet, bitter, opens your appetite and gets to your head quickly. Anthony Bourdain recommended it: “Have a Negroni. Have two Negronis.”)

I walked away from what could become some day a great business deal.


Four reasons:

  • My “partner” changed the terms of the deal unilaterally. Twice.
  • I wasn’t crazily in love with the vision.
  • Regardless of that, I was not confident that my business partner would be the best leader to execute on that vision.
  • I wasn’t willing to invest two years of my life to realize that vision, especially knowing that I may be double-crossed trice.

Cheers all! The point is, it’s better when these things happen early. Besides that, Negronis never let you down.

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The ChannelMeister - Huba Rostonics
The Daily PPILL

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