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Frameworks — The Daily PPILL #143

Frameworks are very useful. They allow us to make decisions quickly.

In our legal system -for example- we have a thing called “standing”. To have a case, you must be in the right jurisdiction, you must have had an injury, the injury must be demonstrably caused by something (or someone), and last, but not least, there must be a possibility to make things better.

This is why you cannot sue in the name another person who was injured. Nor can you do it if there wasn’t any harm.

We have frameworks for other things. In sales, we have “BANT” and we say that real prospects must have Budget, Authority to purchase, they must have a real Need, within a defined Time.

We should have one for innovation as well. To innovate, there must be an issue we are trying to solve, we must also have the possibility to make a change, within a time frame.

But frameworks are only one part of the equation. If you have a legal standing, doesn’t mean you will win the case, and if a customer exhibits BANT, doesn’t mean that you have won the opportunity.

What other frameworks do you use?

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