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No problem? No innovation. — The Daily PPILL #183

It took me a while to get a “yearly” physical with all the pandemic stuff going on. Skipped almost two years without going to a doctor. On top of that I changed cities TWICE. So when I finally landed I had to make it happen somehow.

So at the beginning of this year, I was lucky to found Dr. Guerra, who actually works with the residents at TGH.

It’s nice because you get two doctors, for the price of one, and you can actually hear them debate in front of you. Thank goodness this all happens while I am in relatively good health!

Part of the protocol now is to document your COVID vaccination status, and for this, the Centers for Disease Control card must be shown. But, guess what? I forgot to bring it to my appointment. So I showed them my two vaccines and boosters on the Wallet app on my iPhone.

I had been using it for three months already, but this is the first time they saw it.

I guess that if you live in a state that doesn’t require to show your vaccination status for pretty much anything, you never find about easier ways to do it.

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