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Run towards complexity — The Daily PPILL #120

Digital Transformation is not just about using new technologies in a company’s operations, but also about adapting their business model and processes, changing their culture, operating models and management thinking. It is all about removing complexity.

And if you are a Digital Transformation agent, you must act as any fearless leader. Just like our heroes seek danger, and run towards the enemy, you must seek out complexity and run towards it.

The technology and the resources that we can harness in this new age are different and greater, but the concept of the change agent has been around for a while, we called it differently though, “total quality” or “reengineering”. And just like then, it may be a heroic feat that needs to be backed by senior leadership, and just like then it may be highly unpopular with those affected by changes.

Be relentless, but also be compassionate and understanding.

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