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The bumper sticker — The Daily PPILL #96

We have seen it. Someone is driving around with a sticker attached to the back of their vehicle. Sometimes offensive, sometimes funny. We assume that whatever the content is, is something that the driver “stands for”.

Some are mass-produced stickers. Some are simple. But others are quite elaborate, custom-developed “campaigns”. Many are probably worthwhile.

But who is the message for?

There is a funny thing about bumper stickers. If you drive around a lot, you probably spend four hours on the road. During this time, you cross path with hundreds of vehicles. So with the exception of your friends, family and neighbors; who already know what you stand for, the only ones that will read your message are people who either are following you for a while, or that are waiting behind you at a traffic light. In both cases there is also a chance that they are aggravated because they are trying to pass you or have been waiting too long at the light, so they are mostly not “happy to see you”, they are just bored out of their minds.

So if the driver puts up the sign to “let the world know”, sorry to break these news on them, but there are more effective ways to reach an audience. But the sign, is not for that purpose. There are only two reasons for it: to let you, the one sitting in your car, helpless, right behind them and with nothing else to do; but more important than that, the sign, is FOR THE DRIVER, so that they can feel that they did something about their beliefs.

Who are you publishing for?

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