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The job of the founder/CEO — The Daily PPILL #55

The job of the founder/CEO — The Daily PPILL #55

When an organization is starting out on its journey, however crazy and busy it may get, there has to be laser focus.

When navigating the early days of a startup, it is all about the fight for survival. It is like the critical few seconds, minutes, hours, and days of a newborn. That first breath of air, the first meal. Good sleep (when they sleep!), etc.

That fight for survival requires only two things:

  • Take the wins and try to repeat them
  • Learn from the losses and try to fix or avoid them

In this sense, the things that an organization engages in, fall into two buckets: the first one is to capture value, the second is to learn. Everything else is optional.

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The Daily PPILL is my personal daily blog project. PPILL stands for Purpose, Process, Innovation, Leverage, and Leadership; the topics I write about.

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