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The passenger on the scooter — The Daily PPILL #60

The passenger on the scooter — The Daily PPILL #60

We were taking a walk around the downtown area, with paved, wide walkways. As we approached one of the cobblestone crossings, a couple came zipping by on a rental electric scooter. He was pushing the throttle to its limit, while she was hanging on to him, not particularly focused on the road. Actually, she was more like sightseeing, checking out the surroundings, and mostly looking sideways.

You know what my first thought was. It had to do with the speed at which he was riding the thing.

But my second thought was about her. What a show of confidence and trust. She was on a continuous “trust fall” without even realizing it.

Anybody in a leadership position must consider this image. They may be driving the thing, and while being followed by entirely conscious and rational individuals, those individuals may be trusting the leader 100%. Better not fail them. In the event of a crash, everybody bleeds.

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The Daily PPILL is my personal daily blog project. PPILL stands for Purpose, Process, Innovation, Leverage, and Leadership; the topics I write about.

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