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This is me (yeah, and that’s you!) — The Daily PPILL #131

My recent milestone of getting to 500 subscribers on LinkedIn got me thinking on something. It was quite humbling, because I never set out to get to it. I am not “humble bragging” here, I swear. One of the things that crossed my mind was, “What have I done to deserve it?” Seriously. Why would someone “waste’ their time and attention on me?

Easily accessible content has radically changed the way we consume it. And we can easily go to the most reputable source for anything that we can think about. Want to hear about purpose? Just search for Simon Synek. Grit and following through with the practice? Michael Phelps may be a good choice. You can even go the Masterclass route: Astrophysics? Neil Degrasse Tyson; Political Strategy? Karl Rove AND David Axelrod! Any field, anything you can think about, you can go with the leading voice, skip all the stuff in the middle.

So why read, ME?

The only conclusion I could reach is that even though there are much better writers than me, more strategic thinkers, more creative visionary futurists than me; the only person that can first, put it all together this way, and, also deliver it in my voice; well, it’s me.

And that’s as much as true for me, as it is for you.

Never, ever let anybody tell you that you are the same as someone else, and that you don’t have anything special to offer. Everybody does.

(BTW, not calling anybody a clown, just thought it was a funny picture!)

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