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Two orders of magnitude — The Daily PPILL #100

Did you read that? Today is The Daily PPILL # One f-in hundred!

I owe you a big piece of my gratitude. Without the few who have liked and commented my posts, I may have never gotten here.

It has been a lot of hard work, and even more of that unrelenting determination to keep doing it. I tell you, more than once I have thought “today? do we really have to do it today?”, but we got here!

When I started out 20 weeks ago, 100 articles seemed very far into the future, and as much as it is a cliché, the steady effort of putting out “just one more” article, takes us from one, to 10x, and even better, to 100x. That’s TWO ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.

Now the first question is, Was it worth it?

Absolutely yes. I may not be the best writer ever (yet), but I created a discipline and a habit. A positive one I would argue, of sharing my thoughts with you, and with anybody who decides to come back to this digital trail. On sharing my thoughts, yes, I know, they can be quite random, but they are just things that reveal themselves to me and that I think are worth learning from. Then, amidst the chaos, I try to organize them in one of these five categories that make up the name of the newsletter: Purpose, Process, Innovation, Leverage and Leadership.

And, the second question is What now?

I am going to give you a partial answer. It is “more of the same”. Not very exciting but, for now, as we cross this door and until further notice, I am going to continue writing.

I said it is a partial answer. That’s because it is one that will not be completed until later, because this is a journey that I am figuring out as I travel through it.

Part of it, is that cliché I mentioned before: that steady effort of putting out “just one more” article, that took us from one, to 100x; will not get us to 1000x; and that is yet another cliché: “what took us here, will not take us there”.

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