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Wife says the darnest things — The Daily PPILL #97

If you are a frequent traveler, you have seen it all. Besides the fact that the boarding process is one of the most dreadful steps in getting from point A to B, Airlines also get judged on their on-time departure. A big factor on being able to close the aircraft doors and get on their way, is to have people walk all the way to their seats, stow their luggage and buckle up.

Between this, and the relentless effort to reduce costs, Airlines have gyrated through all the different options, and the most prevalent model today is that you get to take with you a carry-on -if any- suitcase. Otherwise, you will be charged extra. Most people, responding to the incentive, do not check in their luggage, and try to stuff the biggest carry-on on-board; with the consequent over crowding of the over-head space, and the slow down of the process.

Some airlines have taken the opposite direction, making carry-ons a paid upgrade, to incentivize boarding with nothing at all.

On our latest trip, my wife, noticeably annoyed by people pretty much failing at carry-on 101, turned and said to me: How about offering priority boarding to whomever doesn’t have a carry on?

Isn’t she right? I mean, you did everything right, didn’t bring grandpa’s GI duffel on board, and you also PAID for a checked in suitcase. You did everything to make your boarding process smooth. Don’t you deserve to get through before everybody else blocks the aisle?

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always work that way. Suck it up, travel is like that.

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