Weekly Trends | August 26th 2016

Trending: White with pops of evergreen and deep woods.

Social News & Trends

  • WhatsApp, the popular private-messaging service purchased by Facebook in 2014, announced it will now begin sharing information with it’s parent company in an effort to expand it’s services and reach businesses for marketing purposes. This means that businesses will now be allowed to send alerts and promotional messages to users, although third-party banner ads and spam will continue to be disallowed. In a recent statement, WhatsApp stated; “We want to explore ways for you to communicate with businesses that matter to you too, while still giving you an experience without third-party banner ads and spam.” Examples of how this might play out in the future include notifications from airlines of recent flight changes, or messages from your bank regarding a potentially fraudulent transaction. — Via Warc News.
  • The newest and fastest-growing group of Pinterest users are, surprisingly, males according to a new report published by Spredfast. — Via Spredfast.
  • Here are 6 tips and 3 great brand examples of how we can start to leverage live-streaming on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. — Via Spredfast
  • Case study: a look inside W’ Magazine’s digital team strategy and rapid growth. — via Glossy.
  • How luxury fashion retailers are experimenting (and leveraging) Instagram stories. — Via Glossy.
Top Trending Fall Colors for 2016

News & Culture

  • “NEW YORK: Buzzfeed, the online news and entertainment provider, is repositioning itself to become a cross-platform media company by separating its operations into two distinct parts. In a move aimed squarely at beefing up its digital video capabilities, the company will create a new department, called BuzzFeed Entertainment, which will be responsible for its short- and long-form video, quizzes, lists and all its entertainment content.Meanwhile, Buzzfeed’s global news operations, video news and health content will be consolidated as Buzzfeed News under Ben Smith, the company’s editor-in-chief.” — Via Warc News
Concrete countertops are a newly-popular quartz contender when it comes to popularity of modern online content.

Home & Style

The Scandinavian Interiors Image that the internet loves. Re-blogged and shared hundreds of thousands of times over.
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