This Week in Social Media & Style | November 15th, 2016

Home & Style Trends

  • Natural textures will be all the rage in 2017. “Organic materials such as rattan, abaca, and bamboo are the next huge hit for graceful interiors, along with modern takes on vintage pieces and retro-inspired bedroom styles. For a suave décor twist, the year ahead will be marked by the rise of slightly darker, matte wood with bold grain achieved by wire brushing and pre-paint whitewashing.” — Via Design Campus
  • The newest trends in lighting? Try silhouettes that resemble a grapevine. This minimal and organic take on lighting adds a sense of elevated whimsy to any space. — Via Mad About the House
  • What could be a more elevatedtake on organic luxury than choosing leather upholstery for one’s living room? Once passed over for fear of high-maintenance and easy staining, choosing a camel-colored leather or suede couch is now the ultimate gesture in proclaiming your renewed sense of personal luxury. The patina and wear it will most ceraintly acquire shows off a devil-may-care attitude when decorating that’s at once elevated while remaining decidedly un-snobby. — Via the Design Files
  • Wood, white, and everything nice: Scandinavian kitchens may be a study in minimalism, but low on style they are not. — Via Home Designing

Social Media News & Trends

  • Wayfair has expanded their virtual reality capabilities with the release of their ‘IdeaSpace’ app, a new VR tool that can be used to visualize interior design elements and decor. The app was created by Wayfair’s innovative ‘WayFair Next’ R&D team and is available on Daydream, Google’s mobile VR platform. The app allows customers to ‘move’ through a variety of interactive spaces that can be endlessly customized via a swipe on the Daydream controller. WayFair’s app can be used on Google’s Pixel phone or other Daydream-ready mobile devices when plugged into the Daydream View headset. The app offers a unique virtual shopping experience, where shoppers can point the cursor at a 3D product, turn it around for a 360-view, click to display additional details, and then finally save the item to their list of favorite products. It’s like a mobile shopping list can be viewed from all angles and manipulated to one’s own tastes. — Via Retail Dive.
  • Instagram added three new features to their ‘Stories’ feature. 
    1. The first major upgrade will allow users to create a boomerang video from directly within the app rather than importing from their camera roll. Users can simply slide their finger across the bottom of the screen to utilize the new feature. 
    2. An additional upgrade to Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature will allow users to include @mentions of other users in their stories, and the tag will work in the exact same way as tags on instagram. The user who was tagged will receive a notification on their phone. 
    3. Perhaps the most compelling update to Instagram Stories is the addition of links within Stories, which feels a lot like Snapchat discover. Brands and individuals will be able to link to outside content from within the story. For example, brands will be able to link to product pages or external websites, while artists will be able to link to new songs or other promotional content. For the time being, this new feature will only be available to certain verified accounts before the capability is rolled out to the Instagram community at large.
@mentions and Boomerang add new capabilities to Instagram Stories.
  • After results from last weeks’ election, tech giants such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook have all announced plans to mitigate or curtail the spread of incorrect or biased information while cracking down on hate speech and online abuse. Although Zuckerburg claims his company; Facebook, played no part in influencing the results of the election, the Tech giant has stated it will now remove illegitimate news sites from its audience ad network. This is a similar move to Google’s, who earlier in the week announced plans to prevent ads from being placed on websites which were known to spread vilified, incorrect, or illegitimate information. Additionally, according to a recent article in Slate, Twitter says “it will be making some meaningful changes to its safety policy in order to clean up its notoriously toxic atmosphere and crack down on ‘targeted behavior that harasses or threatens others to silence another person’s voice.’” According to a recent article in Variety, the service is making moves to thwart trolls in three ways. Firslty, by allowing users to“mute” notifications based on keywords, phrases, and entire conversations; and secondly, by making it easier to report abusive users by specifically flagging hateful conduct. Finally, the app has begun retraining their entire support team to more quickly and easily identify hateful conduct on Twitter. — The Wall Street Journal, Slate, Variety
  • Worth noting: In a move to make their location-based advertising more advanced (and therefore more lucrative,) Snapchat just signed a data deal with FourSquare to improve and refine geo-filter capabilities. — Via AdWeek
  • Facebook’s largest initiative is most certainly their mission to proliferate the use of messenger bots for business and monetization purpospes. According to a recent article in Social Media Today, the Messenger Bot takeover has not yet happened in the way Facebook has hoped, as many businesses small and large are slow to adopt Facebook Messenger as a business tool rather than a personal service. However, Facebook has announced they are testing out Facebook ‘Rooms’ again within the service, a tool that allows users to chat within a private group within the messaging service. Currently, Facebook Rooms is available within the Canadian and Australian Markets. — via Social Media Today.
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