This Week in Social Media & Style — Nov. 21st, 2016

Home & Style Trends

  • Refinery29 is launching a new podcast and newsletter, called ‘UnStyled’ this week. This podcast comes after the media house’s first podcast; (‘Strong Opinions, Loosley Held’) and is altogether different in content and tone. “Both the podcast and newsletter focus on the fuller way a woman’s interests and passions inform each other,” said Christene Barberich, Refinery29’s global editor-in-chief. While the connection between the two is mostly thematic at this point, uniting the two high-engagement environments could prove immensely attractive to advertisers. — Via Digiday
  • Dutch Boy Paint has launched a uniquely interactive online tool that allows prosumers and newbies alike to create a perfectly curated palette. The tool, ‘Simply Color; Simply Yours’ allows guests to shop curated palettes created by other people, and also allows guest to create their own one adequately inspired. — Via Making it Lovely
  • This bedroom combines some of the top interior trends of 2016 in one: indoor plants, organic textiles, jute and kilim rugs, a white palette,mid-century chandelier lighting, and indigo boro textiles. It may sound like a lot all at once, but the finished look is wholly unified. — Via Sarah Sherman Samuel
  • Arro Home launched the debut of their furniture collection with pieces that are plush, rounded, and whimsically modern. A pallete of heather greys, blacks, and creams pair well with Napoleon blues and blush pinks. The pieces are the perfect backdrop to the design house’s mood and decor elements — playful, peppy, and sophisticated. — Via the Design Files
  • Now trending: contemporary cafes with an old-school bistro feel. Spindly cafe stools, copper elements, marble counters, and old-world paint colors are all making a new debut in hip neighborhood watering holes from NY to LA. Could this trend be picked up in residential kitchens or artful commercial installs across the country? We think so. — Via SFGirlByBay

Social Media News and Trends

  1. Facebook Integrates Instagram, Messenger, and Pages Alerts for Marketers

Facebook’s newest update to their ‘Facebook Pages’ app has created a massive overall of the user-experience that will bring together three tiers of their current product matrix under one umbrella. The new and improved ‘Facebook Pages’ app allows marketers to respond to interactions from both their Facebook Page, Facebook Direct Messages, and Instagram at the same time. The update will begin rolling out to users this week, with most marketers gaining access to this new capability within the month. This is a good time for Facebook to make updates to their product. The social media giant has once again come under fire for newly discovered bugs and errors affecting metrics in four products: Page Insights, its video product, Instant Articles and referrals in Analytics for Apps.

By 2020, 82% of all online content will be comprised of Videos, according to a recent report by Cisco.

2. Here Are Some Ways to Harness the Power of Facebook Live, courtesy of Social Media Today

According to new data compiled by Cisco, video will make up about 82% of the world’s internet traffic by the year 2020. As platforms undoubtedly begin to add new layers of sophistication to existing video publishing tools, having a better understanding of how to use Facebook Live is a good place for brands to start.
1. Consider Your Orientation (If using iOS you can broadcast vertically or horizontally) 
2. Plan Ahead. (Know what you are going to say and show, plan to broadcast for at least 10 minutes to increase metrics.)
3. Choose the Best Time (base it off current Facebook insights for your business.)
4. Promote it and Tell Folks to Come Back for More
5. Write a Great Description with a Strong CTA 
6. Ensure You Have Proper Lighting and Sound

7. Provide Context at The Start of Your Broadcast with an Introduction and Summary
8. Be Authentic and Personal
9. Monitor and Respond to Comments in Real Time, if Possible (You will need a dedicated person doing this in addition to those who are assisting with the broadcast. If possible, respond to user comments in real-time as you broadcast.) 
10. If You’re Not Using a Tripod You’re Doing it Wrong
13. Post a Comment After the Broadcast (Show appreciation for your readers and provide closure by chiming in yourself once all is said and done.) 
14. Edit the Metadata Afterwards (Adding in keywords, editing the thumbnail image, providing some SEO will all aid in making your content more searchable and compelling.)

3. Facebook Finds More False Metrics, Pledges to Improve
Facebook said it has uncovered several more miscalculated metrics related to how consumers interact with content from marketers and publishers, and simultaneously unveiled additional independent review of some measurements to calm unease over the social network’s data.

The company publicly disclosed on Wednesday that a comprehensive internal metrics audit found that discrepancies, or “bugs,” led to the undercounting or overcounting of four measurements, including the weekly and monthly reach of marketers’ posts, the number of full video views and time spent with publishers’ Instant Articles.” — Via the Wall Street Journal

4. In a Move that Signals the Advent of ‘Discover’ as the Social Media Marketers Way of Life, Pinterest Launches New ‘Explore’ Tab with Autoplay Video Ads.

I mean, come on. Who else is excited for this? Video ads and content will now be more immersive than ever on the platform, and the new ‘Explore’ tab is earily similar to Instagram’s ‘Explore’ feature and Snapchat’s ‘Discover.’ n the past year, Pinterest has seen a 60% increase in the amount of videos played, watched, and saved, so it’s no wonder the platform is working to facilitate a more advanced way to showcase them.

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