This Week in Social Media & Style | Week of 11.28

Rich greens will be a meta-trend for 2017, with natural, warm textures like Jute, Cork, and Terra Cotta playing a major supporting role.

Home & Style Trends for 2017: A Prediction

  • For 2017, we’re anticipating that deep, emerald greens will be taking over interiors, especially on walls and cabinets for a warm and enveloping look. With tones that are both regal, warm, rich, and inviting, deep forest greens are a good compromise in creating a look that’s both cozy and contemporary. — Via Apartment Therapy
  • The concept of ‘Hygge’ is poised to become a meta trend for 2017. Combining ideas of minimalism, coziness, warmth, and well-being, the trend extends beyond interiors; and will be seen in the apparel, beauty, and hospitality industry as well. — Via Elle Decor UK, House Beautiful, and Rees Design]”
  • Ceasarstone’s 2016 ‘Kitchen of the Year’ was announced for 2016 earlier this month. In partnership with Elle Decor Magazine, the panel consisted of industry experts Philip Richards of blu_line Kitchens, former ELLE Decoration South Africa editor Bielle Bellingham, executive producer of Cardova Productions, Bradley van der Berg, Mor Kisher from Caesarstone International and chef Karen Dudley. According to Elle Magazine, the “winner of South Africa’s best local kitchen was found in Kwa Zulu Natal and designed by Amy Kidger and Michele Throssell Interiors. This design features timber cladding, sliding glass and steel shelves — a perfect blend of raw and refined materials incorporating Italian chic with homegrown soul.” — Via Elle Decor

Social Media Marketing News & Trends

  • DICK’s Sporting Goods, the mass outdoor retailer, has experienced considerable marketing success through the creation of original documentaries with minimal branding. Ryan Eckel, VP of Brand Marketing at Dick’s addressed the company’s recent long-form content efforts during the 2016 Brand Summit hosted by Advertising Age. More specifically, Eckel discussed two documentaries made by the retailer: ‘We Could Be King.’ focusing on the football team of two high schools that had been forced to merge, and ‘Keepers of the Game’, about a Native American lacrosse team.
“For people under 25, their scarcest resource is attention. And everybody’s producing content, so it’s incredibly cluttered.We are very cognisant that we’re competing against every other entertainment option you have — House of Cards, or whatever it could be. […] We try to tell a pure story. You’ll see no mention of DICK’S Sporting Goods in any of our films.” […] When you’re pushing a product … all of a sudden you compromise a story, and then you have a much lower chance of succeeding in a cluttered environment.” — Ryan Eckel, VP of Brand Marketing, DICKS Sporting Goods Via WARC News
  • For Kohl’s new fast- fashion line, K/Lab, the product development team is not driven by a designer, but rather by a data scientist who feeds on social media. According to a recent article in Glossy, The big-box retailer has appointed a data scientist, to their three-person team. “Their job is to scan social platforms, follow bloggers and see what’s popular among their followers, and analyze customer behavior. The data scientist then aggregates the information for K/Lab’s style curator, who works with a product planner to finalize what items will be created. Finally, the retailer outsources the actual designing and production of the clothes – in whole, it makes for a 13-week turnaround period. New items – including tops, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits and skirts – are introduced each week, and each is priced between $28 and $78.” – Via Glossy
  • Instagram’s internal “correspondents program” is recruiting big-time college athletics teams to utilize their Instagram Stories feature on game day, generating enthusiasm with their fans throughout the year with the new feature. The schools include Clemson, Ohio State, Florida State, Washington, and Calufornia. By participating, the schools receive support and training from Instagram on how to create content and drive engagement. – Via Digiday
  • Gucci has now surpassed Burberry as the top luxury brand utilizing the strength of digital and social media to grow their brand presence, according to the newest Digital IQ Fashion Report by trend research firm L2. Coach and Ralph Lauren tied for third, followed by Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Michael Kors, which tied for sixth. “Gucci proves adept at translating core brand association to digital channels, over-invests in customer service, and maximizes visibility across both search engines and authorized retail partners,” according to the report. Gucci’s social media interactions have doubled in the past 12 months due to strong advovate collaborations on Instagram and Snapchat, — Via RetailDive
  • “Snap to unlock budgets: Inside Snapchat’s pricey pitch to advertisers” — Via Digiday
  • “How publishers are making money from Facebook Live” — Via Digiday
  • Companies prioritize social media as the first channel for promotion prior to release dates of new product, according to a recent report by launch marketing agency Five by Five. Furthermore, around half of marketers (46%) believed that the biggest benefit of social channels lay in generating awareness before the product actually launched. “Shareable content and social engagement allow brands to create a groundswell of pre-launch interest in a way no other channel can match,” noted Martin Flavin, creative director at Five by Five.” — via WARC News
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