What are Hackathons?

Have you ever gotten bored of making projects alone at home and desired that your friends had similar intrests in programming and were just as ethusiastic about it as you? Attending a Hackathon is your solution.

A hackathon is an event that typically takes place over several days in which all types of technology ethusiasts come together to compete against eachother, attend workshops, network, and just have an overall exciting time. Last week I attened my first ever in-person Hackathon, the largesst one in Florida called ShellHacks. At first I was skeptic about going alone, however I pushed myself and decided to attend. I entered the immense building which was dedicated for the hackathon and after talking to the hackathon sponsors such as Google, Bloomberg, MLH, Lab22c, and more the recruiters already told me that I was making the right decision. I then entered a workshop which talked about html5, css3, and javascript and instantly made friends from other colleges.

I spent the rest of my night talking to them and realized how many intrested we all shared. We also attend a Dark Web workshop, social engineering workshop, and Swift development workshop which were all intriguing and shared valueable information. We all then slept at around 4:00 am in sleeping bags and got up early the nexting day to start building our project to showcase to the judges the following morning. We were provided with food, oppurtunites, and so much more. Although we did not win any prizes we still made an amazing offline secure password storage system and learned an abundance of new concepts. Now I’m looking foward to attending Hack GT 9 in a month to continue my passion.

In conclusion, search up a Hackathon to attend and you wont regret it! There are both in-person and remote Hackathons to fit your needs.

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Javier Cunat🧢

Computer Science Student at MDC Honors | Aspiring Software Engineer | Passionate Cybersecurity enthusiast | https://linktr.ee/javiercunat