The DAMS: Fintech Startup + Music Industry = Disruptive innovation.

Music and fintech: a win-win opportunity


I’m Luca Silvestri, cofounder

I’m not new to startups. In 2013 I’ve founded Ecogriddy, a cleantech startup that provides CORTEX, an IoT based energy analytics for the factory 4.0.

In July 2016, combining my experience as entrepreneur with the expertise in finance of cofounder Claudio Gobber, I’ve launched a startup that brings fintech disruptive innovation in music industry.

In the following article I want to introduce project and show you why me and my team believe that can offer a groundbraking opportunity for blooming musicians.

Innovating music industry: how we want to do that?

We started to examine a fundamental problem in music industry.

Artists don’t fully monetize their digital assets. Illegal streaming services, pirated content, P2P sharing are still strictly related to artist’s success, but aren’t properly monetized by legal owners. Social media investments to increase popularity are still regarded as a marketing cost rather than an additional income opportunity, but it has an inherently value.

We solve this problem by letting the market to decide. On musician’s/right holder’s request, we identify the potential market value of a given digital asset. After that we let the musician/right holder to issue Digital Assets Shares (DAS) tied to that value and make those shares tradable on our marketplace. Thanks to our marketplace, musicians and legitimate rights owners can monetize their digital assets in an “IPO like” process.

We can innovate music industry revenue streams!

DAS can be an additional revenue stream for a lot of musicians very active on social media platforms, with a huge fan base and/or experiencing success in their music diffusion through digital media. This revenue stream can be very interesting for blooming bands and musicians, which are popular among fans but don’t have a strong label behind them.

Introducing the DAMS ecosystem.

At we are building an entire ecosystem to help emerging artists and to allow their supporter and investors to make money with their success.

We have created a special coin to empower this ecosystem: the DAMS. It is the currency that will be adopted on our marketplace to buy and sell Digital Asset Shares (DAS). It is a cryptocurrency and will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The overall value of the DAS market will be backed by the DAMS.

Check out the following infographic!


Innovations don’t happen overnight!

We have identified 5 phases to develop this project.

Phase 1 -Bootstrap: It’s the phase we are in now. We present our project, introduce the DAMS to all of you and examine your reception of it. We measure the success of this phase through your actual support. We don’t have our own capital, and as now we are not backed by VCs. The destiny of this project is in your hand: if you like it, please support us with “Project supporter” pack by buying some development gigs here . If you believe that the project is awesome and you are ready to buy DAMS, consider to get the “VIP supporter” Pack : you’ll speed up the greenlight for the next phase and with it you will have early access to initial coin offering + VIP Pack equivalent value in DAMS.

Phase 2 -Initial Coin Offering: If phase 1 will be successful, we’ll give green light to the next phase. The initial coin offering will be a form of crowdfunding for our project. We’ll use the incomes from this initial offering to develop the marketplace and attract music artists and labels to list on it.

Phase 3 -Development: Development phase will involve building up the marketplace and the DAS infrastructure. This activity will include both software coding and commercial development, involving musicians, labels and partners which share our vision and want to collaborate with us.

Phase 4-Marketplace launch: The phase will see marketplace launch and first DAS sold on it. We plan to give early access to the marketplace to our supporters for testing and feedbacks. The phase will last until the DAS IPOs (in DAMS) will reach the value of circulating DAMS.

Phase 5-Growth: The phase will see new IPOs and DAMS ecosystem development. We’ll work strictly with the community of DAMS supporters to get suggestions and feedbacks.

DAMS are limited for the initial coin offering phase!

For the initial coin offering phase we plan to release 12 millions DAMS to the public. Other 3 millions DAMS will be kept by us as funding reserve.

For more information about the DAMS and their issuing, check this out

Now we need your support!

A revolution doesn’t happen just like that. It needs to be supported by people that share the vision.

We ask your help. We are a startup. As of now, we don’t have VCs or incubators supporting us, so your help is essential to us. You can support us in many ways.

All the money we’ll receive from you will be invested in the project.

Are you a musician? Join the revolution!

Do you want to get the most out of your digital assets? Do you want to enter in the DAMS revolutionary ecosystem? Well, the DAS marketplace is waiting for you! Become one of the first artist listed on it. Go to this link and discover how. Selections have begun!

How to follow us.

You can follow our project in many ways.

Through our official website.

Through our social media pages: