6 Signs you are dating a keeper

6 Signs You Are Dating a Keeper

If you have ever had butterflies in your stomach or you can’t stop smiling when someone says his name. Studies suggest that your potential partner does not have to have that instant comedy that they portray in the movies. It is not uncommon for you to feel uncomfortable on the first few dates that you guys go on. Some relationships are transitory and are only meant to last a certain time in your life. So how do you know if he is a genuine keeper.

The first meeting was kinda of awkward

He might have a funny walk when he moves or gives you his terrible handshake know as the floppy fish. Well it it is certainly not alpha male material, him being nervous is a good sign. He is trying his best to impress you so you can like him. Just let it slip buy you and by the end of the night he will be more confident as long a you subtlety show him that he is doing a good job. If he sees that he is progressing with you then he will go down the same path he has been going. what i mean by this is that if he sees what he is doing is working he will continue to do it. When you guys meet for the first date do not be all judgmental about how he is try to have an open mind.

He Completes His Predate Exercises

Things that this would include would be checking most of your social media. Seeing how you interact with other people through your comments, likes and what you post. Going through your pictures and looking for things that you both share in common. Maybe you have pictures of you and your dog and he is a dog person. When you guys meet up he will ask you about your dog then he will show you pictures of his dog. You guys will have a fruitful conversation about dogs and dog related things.

He agrees and connects with you on most things

One of the factors that determines a relationships success is compatibility. He values the same things that you value naturally. Does not not matter what it is whether it is a love of dogs or family values. He respects and honors that you have those beliefs and does not try to change them. H e understands where you come from and does not judge your life decisions.

Your family and friends know him well

When you have somebody so special that gives butterflies in your stomach your exited to share him with your friends, family and the whole world. Why would you not present him to your world if he means that much to you? If you would not like to share him with you friends then you are with the wrong person. If he presents you to everybody he know as your girlfriend it shows that he is actively interested in keeping the relationship alive.

Having the liberty to be your self around your partner

If your compatible with your partner, you can be yourself with out restrictions when you are in their company. No matter how you feel angry, hyper, sad, you should be able to show these emotions freely with out thinking about the ramifications that they may bring. This relationship should be an extent of your family, in other words,where you can share what ever with out judgement. This is not your job where you have to hide everything regarding emotions. In that type of setting where you have to fake a smile even though all you want to do is cry.

Fighting with each it should happen

A lot of people think that fighting in a relationship is super bad. In reality it is beneficial for you and you partner to fight and discuss things. He should speak up when he disagrees with you, and you should do the same. Why is it beneficial? It is helpful to disagree because you guys are not going to agree on everything just face it. The faster you can get accustomed to this idea. The better prepared you guys will be when problems do arise. It is a disagreement not an end the relationship kinda thing because it will not change how you feel about him. He should know how to handle life’s little hiccups when they occur

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