Change Your LIFE Look great with little money

Change your Life

Change Your life look Great with little Money

Ways on how you can look like a billion bucks

Have you ever been in this situation? You see an item of clothing like a blazer or a dress shoe or a coat. Now you had enough money to buy this blazer at full price. You did not buy it because it seems to be really expensive. That is good that you did not buy it, but, now it is on sale and you do not have any money left to buy this blazer. Because you bought another blazer and can not return it, because it is past the returning period. Now you are stuck with a blazer that you are not going to use because you did not wait until the blazer you did like was on sale. So you are forced to sell it on online for less than you paid for it. This is bad because the cost per use of the blazer went down because you did not use as much as you should have. The moral of the situation is you have to wait until things go on sale to get them at the right price for the right cost per use ratio. Cost per use is the amount of times you predict you’re going to use that item.

Change Your life

Imagine that you can command respect with out saying a word. Imagine doors opening in front of you that you did Not expect would open. This is all possible when you Change Your Life. The Change Your Life campaign going on at The Dapperman Project is major because it is aimed at helping men. These series of post that will continue after this one will help develop you in to the man you want to become. Everybody has goals and dreams that they want to accomplish. To carry out those goals you need to look and feel like you mean business. When you do feel this way it is called confidence. Confidence is when you feel you can tackle the world with one fell swoop. You have so much energy that it even radiates through you so much so that other people see it and wonder; who is that guy, what does he do, I want to get into what he is doing because obviously he is doing something right just look at him.

People are going to be saying stuff like this in their head. They will either do two things walk up to you in admiration and ask you a question or two, or they will just stare at you in this hateful way. Those people are the type of people you need to avoid because they will bring you down with them. Imagine they are on a sinking boat and they stay on that boat. They want you to stay with them because once you jump of the boat they will give you that hate full look. You have to understand that they are stuck on a mindset of “he is doing better than me i am going to hate on me.” There is a reason the holy bible has many verses about envy such as, James 3:16 — For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice. Now i am not trying to convert you into any religion i am simply stating a fact. The fact of the matter is that even back then there was envy.

Envy is not going to stop until people change their mindset. How will people change their mindset by reading and sharing this quote: Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves- Philippians 2:3. Imagine a world where everybody helps one another and there is no envy. Because everybody is helping everybody secede in life. We only get one life to enjoy and appreciate, and we can not do that if we envious of other people. Eventually that will bring sadness and depression i have personally witnessed this and it is not pretty.

It not cool to see one of your best friends start being envious of your other best friend. Just because he was becoming more popular in school, getting better grades and getting asked out to parties multiple times by attractive woman i must admit. I mean he was so envious and so negative about the whole situation he was getting to me. It got so bad that i had to separate myself from him because i was catching the fever. It was contagion. At first you start getting the symptoms then you take some medicine then you are all good. Me separating myself from him was my medicine. When i got away from him and started being my self again i felt untouchable. Removing myself from him was the first step in getting my confidence back and getting to the way it was before the mess. I kinda lost a friend but my sanity and well being is my top priority. It should be yours to because you are worth it.

Everybody has the freedom to chose who they associate with. Remember this you are who you hang out with. If you hang out with the doers and the positive people you will get positive results and get things done. But, if on the other hand you hang out with the bad and negative who are envious you will sow in negative results and reap negative results. The beauty of all of this is that you have the freedom to Chose what you want to do. Being a smart person does not mean you will make a bad choice they embrace that they have made a mistake a take Responsibly for actions taken. Some people may not like you but it is okay you do not need them anyway.

To conclude, I want to leave you with one final thought by dressing to the best of your ability will show people you mean business. When people see that you mean business they will open doors for you with out asking. Think about about it as a member of you family you have to represent them in the best possible way. To represent your business you have to dress like you are worth it.

Change your life

Below are some of videos to help you on your quest to change you life.

Originally published at The dapperman project.

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