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How much time do you spend on Facebook? Have been hit hard by a recent layoff?

The social media giant Facebook is looking to alleviate joblessness in America. It plans to implement a program for anybody who owns a Page on facebook to post a job. Applicants can then be brought to the Page and fill in all the required information necessary for the listing. Facebook knew they had to make it easy for the Page managers to set up and that is exactly what they did. Now if a person knows how to post a picture or a video they will be able to post a job listing. They made it easy for the Page managers set up and also made it easy for applicants to fill in all required information in a snap.

From my perspective, Facebook is late to the market as a whole. It is going to make a big splash in the market I will tell you that. It waited to capitalize on pages for a while. Apple did a similar thing with the apple watch when it was released. The fitness market was already saturated with enthusiasts brands like Fitbit, Pebble, Samsung and Garmin. Even though there was a lot of competition in the market already Apple still went ahead and dived into the fitness market. They also made quite a bit of a stir in that market challenging the other fitness brands. Facebook has about 65 million pages that will now be able to post open jobs through pages. Before this feature, a Hiring manager had to link third-party job sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn. This means that the page manager and the applicant do not even have to leave Facebook. They can do it all on Facebook, talk about convenience. The Facebook ecosystem is getting bigger and is doing more. People can buy and they can sell and now they can even look for jobs on facebook too.

Applicants looking for jobs can go to the following link facebook.com/jobs for a list of jobs they can select. Thanks to the numerous amounts of well thought out setting applicants can search what field they would like to work in. For example, if you only have retail experience then those would come up.

Page managers can do some recon on your profile, but do not worry they can not change your privacy setting. Facebook still cares about your privacy so that is why they will only able to recon it before an actual interview. For now, it does not cost anything for Page managers/owners to create job listings on Facebook. Page managers can, however, Promote the listing so it can be seen on the newsfeed. Facebook will be hard at work creating more ways to improve itself. Implementing video and a resume is coming in future updates of this feature if it is successful.

Originally published at The Dapperman Project.

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