Homecoming Experience 2016

Homecoming Royalty is an honored and longstanding tradition of College’s Homecoming celebration. The Royalty nomination and selection process is a tremendous opportunity to showcase and recognize a few of the many outstanding students of College. The Homecoming Royalty Court is comprised of four (4) students who shall represent the College and student body at various campus and community events throughout the year. The selection process for the Homecoming Royalty Court is based upon leadership activities, academic achievement, and campus involvement. An essay, resume, and head shot must be completed as part of the application process. All nominees will be initially interviewed and screened by a panel of judges, whom will select a maximum of 12 candidates for a title of the Royalty Court. Please note that the Homecoming Court selection process is not a beauty pageant or a popularity contest. Royalty will be screened and ultimately selected based on the applicants’ ability to articulate and demonstrate academic performance, interview, curricular and co-curricular involvement, college standing, contributions to the College as well as to the Community, and Spirit. While anyone can nominate a student or self-nominate, the Homecoming Competition Teams have the opportunity to nominate a maximum of two individuals whom they feel exemplifies the School Spirit. A nominee does not need to be a member of a team, but the nominee can only represent one.

Outtakes For Homecoming 2016


Homecoming 2016 takes on a whole new form than last years homecoming did. This years was more lively and better prepared than previous years. I had a wonderful time all week, because it did distract me a little about the stress of college. We did have to do exercise for the events like quittage and bubble soccer that were exhaustively fun. Theses series of events help me meet new people that i did not know i could meet. I got to meet all the other candidates from the kings side. It is a good thing that i befriended them we are all friends here before the coronation not during. I hope that what ever happens i get to further the connections i made with them. Coronation is Saturday the 22 of October 2016 so stay tuned in the next post to see if i win it. Theses events has helped me increase my friendship circle so that later on down the road when i transfer i have more connections with meaningful people already in that college.

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