How Big is Samsung

The Rise of Samsung

The Year is 1938 the western financial system was still recovering from one of the greatest collapses of our time. To make matters worse the second world war was about to break out. It was not such a happy time for humanity, but regardless of all the worst that was happening one man stepped up and was going to change the world. His name was Lee Chull and he founded a little trading company.

The modest beginnings of this company it began with only 40 employees. During that time it made Noodles for the population. Then expanded Its production to sugar and wool. By the late 1950s Samsung had progressed into Insurance, Securities and Retail. In the Late 1960s the company moved into electronics. The first ever product ever produced was a 12in. black and white TV in 1970. In 1983 the first Samsung produced computer had arrived. This computer was so advanced so advanced in fact that it was a full 2 years ahead of windows PC. The Nineties there came big changes for the world market and also for Samsung. They began to rise as an international force in many industries including up and coming ones. Becoming Market leaders by, learning the trades of various industries through persistence. They became on of the most versatile companies the world has ever seen.

Present Day

Today Many of us use Samsung products in our daily lives. We use their Tvs, Appliances or Cell Phones and so much more. Samsung’s diversity has made it the powerhouse that it is today. Seriously though how powerful is samsung really? What else is Samsung involved in that is not consumer products and things o of that nature. Well have a seat and grab some popcorn and a cold soda, because you are going to learn today!! So be prepared to be surprised of a company has put their best foot forward in the name of progress. Samsung is much more bigger than you can imagine.


In this article you are going to read some of the most amazing facts about the company. This is also the time where i will give recognition and some props. Way to go Samsung!!

Since 1993 Samsung Electronics has been the largest producer of memory chips in the world. So big that the original Iphone along with countless other devices run on memory chips that Samsung produces. In addition to being the N.1 seller of memory chips in 2011 they became the worlds largest smartphone manufacturer.

So here is a little Korean lesson that i am going to provide to you. The word Samsung in Korean means three stars. The founder of samsung group wanted to indicate that the company was big powerful and numerous. The stars also stood for eternity.

Take a good look a this logo. Do you notice the both opening on sides of the ellipse were the letters S and G are located. This is intended to illustrate the companies open mindedness and desire to to communicate with the world at large.

Starting since 2007 remained the largest television manufacture in the entire world. They are also the largest manufacturers of tv panels. Meaning that your low end and your high end TVs all use Samsung TV panels on their TVs. Today 98% of the amoled screen market is dominated by samsung. That means that most of the phones that are using amoled to power their screens are made by Samsung. TVs that use this powerful technology also have Samsung screens like amoled. If you were curious as to what amoled is and does i will tell you. Amoled is a type of screen that does not require a back light to function like regular LCD screens.

The company on average spends about 14 billion dollars in research and development alone. Just another interesting thing about the Galaxy S line of smart phones is that the “S” in the name stands for “super smart”.

Samsung has over 490,000 employees currently working for them. What an accomplishment that is to give that many talented people jobs. These jobs guys support families which in turn supports the local economy. The have the most number of employees then the next biggest companies like APPLE, Google Microsoft combined. So let that sink in for a minute or two and think about it.

In 1995 Samsung Invested 2 million dollars into FuBu or “for us by us”. An American clothing and hip hop apparel company. This for FuBu was a blessing from the heavens because at the time they were about to go under. Since that investment FuBu has made a whooping 6 billion dollars. If you ask me i will tell you that Samsung knows how to invest well. Speaking of investing well in 2014 alone they made 305 billion dollars. To take this into prospective thats is more Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Samsung is very knowledgeable and improves far quicker than any other big company that I have seen. What you should get out of this is that it is the most diverse and open minded company in the entire world. There is no other company like Samsung. Samsung is so big in fact that they even have their own city. To put this in perspective it is a city within a city. You have to be pretty big to Have the government give you land.

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Now you KNOW that samsung does way more than just appliances, smart phones and TVs. It is very amazing to thing that all of this started with a dream. Then an idea of how to go about it. Being open to new ideas and new business. It is very cool what you can think up. If you have and idea then go pursue that dream go on and get it. It is yours

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