Love is so beautiful when you know it makes sense to have a certain person in your life.

When you are selecting the girl that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. It’s about having someone who is willing to walk through the hard times with you. It’s about having someone who sees all of the beauty inside of you that everyone else overlooked. The goal when it comes to love should never be about finding someone who is perfect. The goal should always be to find someone who is worth it.

If you already know that you are not a finished product, why are you expecting someone else to be? Find someone who you can go through healthy progressions with without giving you a headache. Find someone who has a healthy heart. Someone who won’t allow their pains from the past to influence how they treat you. Someone family oriented building towards the future. Someone who isn’t afraid to dream to big. Someone you can have fun with but also enjoy peace and quiet with.

Love is so beautiful when you know it makes sense to have a certain person in your life. Now look at your wife and give her a smile from cheek to cheek. When she asks why the sudden smile just say “nothing I am just happy about where I am right now in life, and I am happy that I am going through it all with you.” When she blushes give her a hug to completely seal the deal. These moments right here are what strengthen your relationship and make it endure hardships. It is about communication talking about what you are going through at work, school, family, and general stress so that you can go through these stages of your life and move on.

Originally published at The dapperman project.