So you want to be Authentic


So you want to be authentic? What is authenticity? How will being authentic help your life? The simple answer is yes authenticity will help your relationships and work. It will help when meeting new people. Why would it help when meeting fresh people because they will see you as unique? How many people are honestly non-fictitious not putting on airs that they are somebody else? Some guys I know try to act like players and put this fictitious character out there for people to see. You can just see through their facade and it is not hard to tell weather somebody is lying.

Accept that Not every one is going to like you

The best advice I can give you is to be genuine to everyone you meet in your life. Don’t be like most people and hold back your true self. Use your verbal nonverbal communication to express how you feel, express your thoughts, saying what needs to be said. Do not use a persona that you thing people might like. Because there is always going to be people that do not like you. You have to know how to accept that many people will not like you. Once you accept that the world becomes just a little bit brighter. When you learn how to do this effectively it feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The stress of “oh will they like me” is just obliterated and just gone with the wind. Stress leads to anxiety leads to paranoia leads to depression. There are people that get sick from this one aspect of life that is preventable.

Find your Authenticity

To do this you have to find who are you really, and what are your values? What do you as a person stand for? They are some of the questions you should be asking yourself and be willing to give you self an honest evaluation. Evaluate your life you are conducting it according to your moral code. Every authentic person has morals, values, and respect. They are able to respect themselves in any given situation. They know what they stand for and do not let anybody cross the line. They will give effective warnings to other people that might or might not commit something that is wrong.

Set goals and accomplish them

You have to be able to set goals for yourself and be capable enough to accomplish the goals you set. Other people are not going to accomplish the goals for you. It is your job to know what you want out of life and see to it that it gets done. This skill is not something that comes easy to most people. You have to be able to set aside time to work on yourself and make sure you are doing things right. It takes a lot of effort to this because it is not something that comes instantly it will take some degree of time before you can really be an authentic person. Being genuine is create because you can get you I ideas through more people and get what needs to get done accomplished.

Originally published at The dapperman project.