The Ramen Burger

The Ramen Burger

The Ramen Burger is sweeping the globe with its wonderful and exquisite details. The Ramen Burger created by Keizo Shimamoto is revolutionizing how we eat our Top Ramen. Shimamoto said he once ate 600 bowls of Top Ramen in a single year. One day in 2013 Shimamoto created the now famous Ramen Burger. He had to share his creation with the world because the world had to know. The burger made its debut at Smorgasburg outdoor food market in Brooklyn, New York. There were only 150 ramen burgers made available to the audience at a price of $8 a piece.


This burger does not come without its history. The University of California graduate entered mortgage industry. After the collapse of financial markets in 2007, he went surfing from bank to bank. He knew things were bad and he wanted a career change. In his time off he would go around Los Angels eating Ramen thinking about life. In 2008 he started a blog exclusively about Ramen named about his passion GO RAMEN. With this blog, he was going to write about his passion in life called ramen. He went all over California and Nevada sampling all the ramen he could get his hands on.

Japan Trip

Later on, he went to Japan to the source of ramen. His mission was to become a ramen expert with that in mind managed three different ramen shops. Spending time at theses shop gave him the skill to improve ramen mastery. It opened the door to a lot more ramen creations and stables familiar to the Japanese. While in Japan He saw the Ramen burger gain a lot of traction by outside food vendors and the general Japanese public. However the Japanese version he saw was chashu pork (Japanese-style marinated pork belly) sandwiched between noodle buns. Shimamoto says, “I remember trying it … and (the ramen burger) just kind of fell apart in my hand.” He goes on to say, “Being from California to me, a burger is a hamburger with beef, instead of pork”.

Forging an Idea

It was around this time that Shimamoto got the idea of bringing the Ramen Burger back to the states. To improve the burger its texture and consistency would have to be perfect. Being born in raised in America he knew that he had to adapt it to traditional cuisine standards to be a success. As more people got wind of his new idea was featured on Ramen Dreams a short documentary shown through the NYC Food Film Festival in 2012. At the festival is where Shimamoto met George Motz, who hosts the Travel Channel show Burger Land. The Two Became friends and Motz introduced Shimamoto to plenty of contacts in the burger industry.

Opening of A Titan

In September of 2016, Shimamoto opened a brand new Ramen Resturant distinctly name Ramen Shack. The shop is located in Long Island City, Queens, New York where he sells his creation to the world. Over time he has been creation quite a repetiteur of Ramen for the indulgement of his customers. Shimamoto talks about his signature burger and says, his shoyu sauce is meat-free and takes “about 4 to 5 hours to make.” The ramen bun’s creation is “a trade secret.” The ingredients, he says, are mostly organic”. The Ramen Burger wich propelled him to his current success is a mix of east meets the west.

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