The only ones who elude … the eternal sleep … are those who in life are able to orient their mind toward the higher way. The initiates, the Adepts, are at the edge of that path. Having achieved memory, anamnesis, in the expression of Plutarch, they become free, they proceed without bonds. Crowned, they celebrate the “mysteries” and see on earth the throng of those who are not initiated and are not “pure,” those who are crushed and pushing one another in the mud and in the darkness.

Julius Evola, The Hermetic Tradition, 1971

What is The Darkness?

Nothing wants to break. I like broken things because they are now fearless. I don’t like small things or big things, but I like things that aspire, that want to walk paths, that want to go from small to big even if they might break on the way. In these pages, I will collect quotes, thoughts, fragments of writing that think about the darkness in which we jostle, the darkness in which we break.

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