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Black Hops Brewing/Aether Brewing Deez Nutz Nut Brown Ale

As I mentioned in the review of Burleigh Brewing’s Macadamia Porter, I’m a little chocolated out when it comes to dark beers at the moment. While a subtle chocolate works just great (think Modus Operandi’s Black Lab Milk Stout or Black Hops Brewing’s Band Wagon Stout), the big chocolate hit (think Prancing Pony’s Magic Carpet Ride or Rogue Ales Hazelutely Choctabulous) while great at the time is something that, for the moment at least, I am looking for a little break from.

Yet, I’m all for something that’s got a little bit of sweetness in the deal. And it looks like Black Hops in collaboration with Aether Brewing have found the perfect solution to getting a little bit of sweetness in there without the need to resort to chocolate.

They used Deez Nutz.

Which nuts? Pistachios and hazelnuts to be precise.

The genius of hazelnuts and pistachios is that both of these nuts are sweet, with the husks (of the pistachios in particular) being a bit bitter. And obviously both are nutty. And so the final outcome was bound to be something delicious. Throw kilograms of these into a Brown Ale and you end up with what I reckon is one of the most uniquely flavoured dark beers I have reviewed yet.

On the nose, it is obviously an ale – the hoppy and biscuity smells are in the air. Okay, so I was in for a hops hit – but what I tasted was beautifully balanced: despite the bitterness, a delicious nutty choc fusion came through which made for a delightful flavour. While sweet, the sweetness wasn’t from the chocolate-ness, but from the nuttiness. If you know what I mean…?!

This was a really different Brown Ale and for all the right reasons. The combo is just right and is a beer you would enjoy just about any time. Just remember that this guy is in the keg, not in the can – so you might contact either brewery to find out when it’s going to be tapped. Black Hops tells me though that they still have a couple of kegs left and could be in the rotation any time. So…


The Darkside Brew: Black Hops Deez Nutz Nut Brown Ale (5.1%)

Brewery: Black Hops Brewing, 15 Gardenia Grove, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia 4220. Web:

Darkside Rating: This is just one of those beers that you taste and go, “Oh yeah!” I could easily make this a staple in the fridge if they canned a run. Would be perfect for kicking off a session, around the BBQ, or for watching the game with, yes, some nuts.

The Brewery opens weekdays from 12pm-6pm, Saturday’s and Sunday's from 12pm-4pm. 8 taps always on the go, with the limited varieties they can available for take aways; or fill up a growler or squealer from your favourite tap. Tell them Mark from DarksideOf.Beer sent you. :)

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