Get your disco pants on – Balter Brewing has blown our minds!!

What an absolutely amazing way to kick off The Darkside of Beer…

Yesterday on Instagram, Gold Coast’s Balter Brewing (@balterbrewers on both Insta and Twitter) posted the following pic and announced a Wheel of Fortune-like competition: name the beer that they are canning (in 500mL cans no less) and releasing for the coming Australian winter.

The can shows nothing more than the Balter Brewing trademark smiley face, and of course the Wheel of Fortune-esque lines to show where the letters go. The only clues in the post’s comment from BB was that it was a limited release for winter, probably the worst kept secret, the lightning bolt stands for an “I” and that some of their audience may have had the beer before.

It wasn’t long (in fact within the same hour by Instagram’s timing and probably within seconds) that “Black Metal Disco” was streaming down the comments feed from some very excited punters!

While we’ve not had the pleasure of tasting Black Metal Disco yet, we are extremely pleased that it’s release coincides quite nicely with the launch of The Darkside of Beer!! Suffice to say, we’ll be tasting it and reviewing it sooner rather than later, so watch this space. In fact a quick look at the Untappd app and it looks like it may even be on tap down at the Brewery right now…

MG (@markgladman on Twitter)

(For more info about Balter Brewing including their beers and taproom opening hours, visit their website.)

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