Black Shark Cult Recruitment

Welcome new sharkies! Get excited for the time of your life as you dive deep into the danger of PvP. However, before you go plunging into the deep there are a few things you need to get organised first otherwise you will sink rather than swimming.

Welcome to Black Shark Cult!

Preplunge checklist

  1. Basic Information

We need some information so that we can help make your Pvp learning experience as painless as possible. So if you apply to Black Shark Cult with no information given in the application we will not be able to accept you until tell us some basics.

2. Communication

PvP is dangerous and black shark cult is in a state of constant war. So you need to be in comunication with other sharkies so you can avoid threats and gain the benefit of group wisdom. So you need to join our Discord Voice and Chat server before you can join the cult. Download the desktop version of Discord (they have both Windows and Mac apps available) and if at all possible, the phone app too.

Once you have these setup join the #recruitment channel and ask to talk to a recruiter.

3. Swear The Black Shark Oath

As a community, this is the value system we uphold. Read and swear the oath, so that you know what you are signing up for.

4. Introduce yourself

Make a post in the New Sharkie Story Time thread. If you want to get the most out of your learning experience come back to this thread at least each week and write an update on your progress.

Being In Faction Warfare — A Word of Warning

To have the best experience there are a few things you will want to get sorted out before you join the cult.

  • Career agent missions — If you want to do them, do them before you join the cult. — Once you join the corp you will not be able to complete the Career agent missions as they are in Highsec which means you will get attacked. If you wish to run these then make sure you have finished them before joining the corp.
  • We do not want you to apply and join corp right away just to find you are now unable to re-dock in Lowsec and get killed or are constantly being killed in Highsec by NPC Faction police or war targets camping you and then get frustrated and leave. So in order to prevent this there is some safety information that everybody must understand before joining. Please at least make yourself familiar with this important safety related article on Starting Out in Faction Warfare.
  • Be aware that hauling or being in trade hub systems such as Jita and Dodixie on your Faction Warfare character is Suicide. Once you join you will not be able to go to those systems on your Black Shark character. Creating a Hauler alt will be necessary. Please read through this basic Hauler Alt creation guide how to create a character for this purpose.

Once you are aware of the dangers of being in Faction Warfare and Lowsec you can apply to Black Shark Cult and make sure you state that your aware of the dangers and which Category you will be applying for.

There are 2 categories to apply for within Black Shark Cult:


This is for players brand new to the game or those that feel they do not have enough experience to be considered for the Convert category.

Read through the safety information. If you need some more time to get used to lowsec before joining the dangers of the warzone then start to follow the New Sharkie Guide and then at around Step 10 in “Joining the Warzone” when you are comfortable in Lowsec you can apply to Corp.

If you want to get right into the thick of it straight away then apply and start following the New Sharkie Guide while already in corp. We will help out and answer questions!

Note: Make sure to include in your application that you are applying for the Initiate Title and your aware of the dangers and have or will start following the New Sharkie Guide and are at a stage where you feel comfortable in your knowledge to join the corp.


You are an experienced player of Eve and wish to join our community. You might have been a Highsec Carebear and now are interested in learning PvP or might of been a Nullsec F1 monkey, or a god among PvPers either way there are things you should be aware of before joining Black Shark Cult. Please at least make yourself familiar with the important safety related things of being involved in Faction Warfare.

Once you are aware of the dangers of being in Faction Warfare and Lowsec you can apply to Black Shark Cult and make sure you state that your aware of the dangers and are applying for the convert category.

Disclaimer: Applications without the information listed above in the Initiate and Convert categories will not be approved! In order to make it easier for our Recruiters if you have applied to corp with no information given they will reject your application and send you a mail with how to apply properly. Once you have followed the information in this post you may Reapply and will be accepted with no issues.

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