Poll Results — Apple Users Most Likely to Force Their Technology Views on Others

A recent poll was given on the popular technology website Gizmodo which asked two very simple questions:

  • Which is your favorite platform to use?
    [Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Other]
  • Should everyone adopt your views on what technologies are the best? [Yes, No]

The total number of respondents was impressive. Over 5000 respondents which gives good coverage across the different platforms. The exception being Other which had a paltry 93 votes.

Most would probably say that the results are not that surprising. Apple is well known for having followers that resemble groupies that follow bands. These people are typically referred to as Apple Fanboys. An Apple Fanboy generally believes that anything Apple makes is the unequivocal best product that exists and everyone should love and use that technology.

It is pretty obvious that there are people across the board that push the technologies they like. It is more interesting to understand why each category falls out the way it does, beyond just that of the Apple Fanboys.

It appears that the Linux crowd doesn’t consist of the people who “need” others to adopt their technology views. I suspect that is because the general belief in the Linux community is that people should be able to make Linux whatever works best for them. While in the Windows community most people know that Windows is not the best operating system, but they are stuck with it for one reason or another and just make due. This could be why this category has a lower tendency for technology pushing than Mac OS X.

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