Big data as a software will revolutionise the business world

The cloud industry is evolving rapidly, offering every year innovative and more affordable solutions for companies and individuals. At the moment, one of the trending topics in the business technology world is the fusion of Software-as-a-Service systems with the use Big Data, resulting in Analytics-as-a-service software. This is the next big thing in identifying new target markets, improving customer relationship and getting client feedback. So let’s see the dynamics of Big Data and the Saas development life cycle to understand how these two put together to make one revolutionary tool.

Big Data refers to all information generated or stored by institutions, companies or individuals. The is a term still being defined, but its main traits are large volume, velocity, and diversity in structure. One of the best technologies to help manipulate Big Data is cloud computing.

However, this amount of information is fastly growing in volume, as high quantities of data are being created daily by social media users and organizations. 90% of the web has been generated in the last two years and companies are in need of new tools in order to use in their benefit this constant influx of recent data. Cloud computing helps enterprises lower hardware costs offering a flexible system, where processing power and storage space are easily scalable. Analytics decipher Big Data, revealing to leaders and marketers strategies to discover opportunities, organize work and improve customer relationship.

At the moment, new analytical mechanisms derived from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are being developed and improved to serve businesses.

The new delivery model for business software in the form of Software-as-a-Service came with advantages for companies of all sizes. It was available for trial before acquisition, it lowered integration efforts and costs, it needed little planning as it was available on a sign-up system and it included automatic updates. Saas made it possible for mid-size and small-size companies to buy more advanced software, helped corporations to achieve better ROI and as a consequence, the software market grew, leading further on to investments in the development of new technologies.


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