A Month of Data

Evaluating my journey thus far

Hello everyone. It’s still a little hard to believe that I started this journey about a month ago. I wanted to update you all as to what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going next.

First, I’ve managed to finish DataCamp’s Introduction to R course. I even put their spiffy new badge on my Linkedin profile. The course was thoroughly enjoyable though tough at times. Sometimes the errors weren’t all that clear to me but I was still able to push through with DataCamp’s hints feature as well as Google. I’ll definitely be taking more of their courses. I’ll still need practice of course; you don’t master a subject by finishing 1 tutorial. I need to get my hands dirty which leads me to my next point.

Tools are nice and all be techniques are really important. One of the most important skills anyone in data can have is the ability to explore, make sense of, and tell stories with the data they’re given or found. So my next phase of my journey will be towards doing just that. I’m grabbing data sets of interests to practice exploratory data analysis. I’m going to be writing about these projects while a muddle my way through. I’m excited and nervous.

Finally I’ve recently joined Becoming a Data Scientist’s Learning Club. They’re a community of people interested in data science. They have a podcast where the interviewees came from different walks of life and ended up in the data science field. Each new episode also comes with a project for the members to do. The projects build on one another which will require new skills and techniques to complete. I’ll be writing about these projects as well as my own so I’ll have much to do in the future.

So far I’m doing ok for myself. I’m trying my absolute best not to rush myself and enjoy the year long journey. I’m excited about all the things I’ll be able to accomplish around this time in March. Thanks for reading so far and I hope you stick with me to the end.

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