Dear 2016 Technology

I’ve spent the past 24 days in Phoenix, Arizona staying with in-laws and working remotely (approximately 1,438 miles from Lemonly HQ in Sioux Falls). We’ve enjoyed time with family, temperature differences of up to 70 degrees warmer than home at times, great food, and very productive work.

Working remotely the past three weeks has been some of the most productive work I’ve done in years.

A thank you is in order to some robots and many lines of code. Thank you to Slack, Google Apps, Skype, Dropbox, and of course my iPhone. Thanks to this (nearly free) suite of tools, I was able to effectively and comfortably work remotely from the team back in South Dakota. It truly is amazing how powerful these tools are and how easy it is in 2016 to be on the go and work remotely. But the tools aren’t the only thing deserving a thank you.

Thanks to these tools I don’t have to be here (which is Lemonly HQ).

Why was working remotely so valuable?

The tools make the work possible and my team makes the work productive, but I recognized a bigger value to working remote the past three weeks — CHANGE.

I’ve worked remote for a day or two, and even one week last year, but never for this long. The value of being remote the past three weeks was changing my routine. Blowing up my “normal work” and trying something new. I spotted a few bad habits while also established some good habits. Coming into a new year was a great time to start this experiment as well. Working remotely to start 2016 has helped me set a gameplan to serve as my routine for the year ahead.

The major key is to implement a new routine in my old surroundings.

But I first must thank 2016 technology for making remote work possible.


John T. Meyer

** Check out 4 Tips to Make Working Remotely Work for You, an article I wrote last year after working remotely for a week in South America.