A computer-free moment

Autumnal painterly interlude

It’s autumn in London, in fact almost everywhere in Europe and North America.

After a spell in Cuba, where the heat is a constant factor both day and night unless you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning to knock the edge off it, it is a relief to feel the cool, refreshing Indian summer air. With the onset of this visually fiery season, the nippy early morning bite is deliciously welcome.

With that in mind, tucking my painting gear in various sections within my saddle bags, I cycle over to the Commons, fantasising over the colourful array about to greet me.

Choosing the right bench is my priority owing to the importance of the vista. With my flask of green tea, cushions to keep me comfortable for the next luxurious one and a half hours, I start admiring the scenery with a deep sense of satisfaction at the simplicity of this moment in time.

There is a completeness that envelops me which I receive wholeheartedly, filling me with a strengthening joy. It is possible to escape the helter-skelter of the City and discover a love for all nature at its best in this autumnal carpet of colourful crinkling leaves. As a member of this planet, the free entrance to this great venue is one for which we’re all invited should the need arise.

Somewhere at the back of my psyche I hear via my peripheral instinct, gym teachers ordering their teams to pick up speed, dog-walkers calling their pets, young mothers chatting together over their routines, older women sharing their week-end stories and passing couples expressing sweet nothings.

Dismissing all the extraneous noise, I focus on the varying autumnal palette shades that expose themselves graciously to me. Sitting before the pond, I scan the scene with its surrounding rushes. The secondary woodland peek through the trees to offer a sumptuous green variation adorned with a yellow beret. To the right are bushes of deep emerald green with highlights in maroon. The selection of wondrous trees is mesmerising: Standing strong are the glowing birches beside a hawthorn, enchanting beside a cluster of holly bushes.

In the distance, a Goat Willow Salix Caprea looms heroically cosying up to a Hazel Corylus Aveliana befitting its name in all its amazing sepia glory.

While sipping my green tea and enjoying my creative dichotomy, I quickly sketch out the frame of the scene while I decide on which colours to begin my small piece. Being so engrossed in a pastime of this nature, I realise how replenishing it is to remove all outside fracas and lose oneself in nature.

Whatever the results of my endeavour, the hardest part is behind me: leaving my computer and being rescued by this natural salvation. It makes no demands bar one of humbly appreciating and respecting its power, invincibility and beauty.

Washing my mind of any outside influences leaves me open to the sway of nature’s peaceful offerings, so unique in its own oeuvre d’art. Its magnificence holds my attention, invariably different at each viewing, taking my breath away with its exciting allure. Join me on my #AirbnbExperiences.