I have the power / HE-Man

Just do it

The Secret of the Universe.

If you are like me and you actually care about your life, even just a little, you probably have read a few books and researched how others have made it. If you are like me you probably ask people what they think about your ideas. If you are like me you must admit you don’t care what they say. You know what you want to hear.

“Just do it.” Nike

For me, it started when I was deployed in Iraq five years ago. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This was the fist time I had read a book on how to be successful. After reading too many of these of kinds books I figured it out. They were all right, but they all are full of it. Every single book was a “beating around the bush fest.” All of them avoid telling you the real “secret” while at the same time it’s right there.

Nike has been telling us since their conception. Plain and simple, “just do it” is the secret of the Universe.

I always think about it like ripples in a pond. If you never jump in and make your own ripples you’ll never get any back.

“I have the power.” He-Man

Another observation when looking at the world is that the Universe doesn’t care what you are doing (Hitler, Kony, Skeletor). The Universe is completely neutral. How can people succeed at doing such horrible things? Because they care more about doing bad than you do about doing good. They know the secret.

How do you think there are so many bad ideas percolating in the world? The pet rock is one of the most popular examples. Was that a good idea? Hell no. But it doesn’t matter. The Universe doesn’t care what it is.

You could say the balance is tipped by how many people there are “doing” as to people sitting on their asses.

“I want to put a ding in the Universe.” Steve Jobs

Do yourself a favor and realize that luck is a myth. It’s a myth passed around circles of people that envy those that know the secret. Luck is just the Universe responding to your “doing” the same way a stone thrown in a pond creates ripples. It’s not any different and works by the same law.

If you don’t throw, nothing happens. And that’s a fact. Sometimes it takes years for the ripples to return, others a moment. It doesn’t matter how big or small your idea is, it works every time.

Just do it.