How to conduct your first StoryEngine interview in 20 minutes or less

Connect with someone that inspires you as part of Mozilla’s Global Sprint

Alecia interviews Rute Correia at Mozfest

Quick: who’s someone that inspires you in the open movement? Maybe it’s a colleague, hero or friend someone sitting right next to you. Maybe it’s a classmate or someone you follow online. Or maybe it’s one of your fellow sprinters from Mozilla’s two-day global sprint?

Conducting a StoryEngine interview can be a great way to connect with those people, celebrate them, and spark fresh insights and ideas in your own work. As part of the Mozilla Global sprint, we’re inviting you to interview someone that inspires you, and then and share the results with the world. Our step-by-step interview guide makes it easy.

Interviews are a great way to connect with people and hear them describe their experiences in their own words. It can help you define and describe the challenges they face, understand where they’re coming from, and even start to picture ways you might collaborate together.

How to do your first interview (hint: it’s easy and fun!)

  1. Select your interviewee. It could be a fellow participant in the global sprint, a colleague or team-mate that inspires you, or just about anyone!
  2. Prepare your interview questions. This list of questions is a great place to start. Or you can tweak and make them your own.
  3. Conduct your interview. It could be as easy as jumping onto Skype, connecting by phone, or sitting down in person.
  4. Record. Recording the audio is a great way to share with others.
  5. Publish. Upload to SoundCloud using the #mozsprint #storyengine
  6. Share. Use social media and tweet us at @listening_loup with #mozsprint #storyengine to share the audio file with the world.

Let us know. Get in touch by shooting us an email at — that way we can add your story to the global database of practitioners from the open movement.

What is StoryEngine?

Over the past year and a half, Loup and Mozilla has used a process called StoryEngine to gather feedback and stories from its global network — publishing and sharing them out in the open so that everyone can benefit. You can read more here about the history of the project on Mozilla’s Open Leadership blog. As part of the global sprint, we want to invite you to contribute to that project by doing an interview of your own.

Why Loup built StoryEngine — and why we made the methodology open

Loup is a design thinking consultancy founded by Mozillians and supporters of the open movement. We wanted to help organizations listen to their customers, stakeholders and staff and build better feedback loops with the people that matter most to them — the people they serve. We made the StoryEngine guidebook open so that anyone can use the methodology.

Loup’s manifesto speaks to the power of conversations and elevating voices, and how working open boosts uptake and impact. When we say “conversations change lives” and “organizations are more effective and make a bigger difference in the world when we’re more open” — we mean it. Great conversations are still one the world’s most powerful experiences — and one of the single best ways to learn anything.

Sharing the methodology openly is one of the ways we contribute to the open movement and increase impact. We want to share what we’ve learned, make it easier for others to participate, spark great conversations, and tap good ideas that come from all over the world.

Many ways to contribute during the Global Sprint…and beyond!

All skills welcome! As we describe above we’d love people to test-drive the methodology and work with us to make it better. We are also looking for contribution and feedback on our documentation, communication design and developing deep listening learning curricula. Or think of something we aren’t doing, let us know.

We are very grateful for anyone considering contributing to StoryEngine during #mozsprint or anytime! For those of you who want to join us, we’ve created a contributor’s guide. And you can go to out GitHub Repo for a list of issues ready to be tackled during #mozsprint 2018!

Here are a few good places to start

Have a great Global Sprint!