Introducing Loup Design & Innovation

Today we’re excited to announce ourselves to the world and launch the Loup website! Loup is a design thinking consultancy that helps organizations listen to and learn from the people they serve. We believe in the power of deep listening, empathy, and human stories to drive innovation, impact, and lasting change. Our mission is to elevate the voices of customers, end users, network members, or stakeholders in ways that build understanding and connections, tell a more powerful story about your work, and help trigger your next big idea or breakthrough. Read our manifesto.

Loup (which grew from work Christine had been doing previously as “Facilitating Change”) has provided organizational strategy, innovation, capacity building, and communication and knowledge sharing services to non-profit, international development, and civil society organizations for more than a decade.

Past clients include the World Bank Innovation Labs, the International Finance Corporation Gender Secretariat, the Mozilla Foundation, the IREX (IREX), the Syria Justice and Accountability Centre (SJAC), Creative Commons and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

We look forward to collaborating!

Research, analysis, and facilitation

Loup’s services are based on gathering narrative-based data in ways that support participants, transforming that data into actionable insights and assets, and then facilitating the process of acting on new learning. We’re launching with an open methodology — StoryEngine — and three main service lines — Research & Evaluation, Analysis & Communication, and Facilitating Innovation . A few of the activities for each are listed below. We’d love your feedback: Do these make sense to you? Any gaps or questions?

Research & Evaluation

  • Human-centered design research and discovery, including ecosystem mapping
  • Narrative-based monitoring and grant reporting
  • Program evaluation, with a learning and development focus
  • Capturing network or community impacts while celebrating and connecting participants via event-based experiential “listening lounges” (like Humans of New York with a research lens)

Analysis & Communications

  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Packaging findings in usable ways: Personas, customer profiles, journey maps, stakeholder maps, network maps, theory of change
  • Communication design and storytelling — via the web, audio / podcasting, or video production

Facilitating Innovation

  • Facilitating design / development processes (helping you act on what you’ve learned, whether that’s tweaking what exists or creating something new)
  • Building internal innovation skills: Design thinking coaching and workshops
  • Organizational development, with a focus on agile teamwork and reflective learning

Our team

Alecia Kuhl is a human-centered design facilitator, project manager, and operations specialist.

Chris Lawrence is an educator, network builder, program leader, and organizational strategist.

Christine Prefontaine is a human-centered design strategist, facilitator, and researcher.

Matt Thompson is an agile collaboration expert and organizational development specialist.

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