Loup’s StoryEngine featured in Mozilla’s new 2018 Internet Health Report

Mozilla has released the 2018 edition of the Internet Health Report. We have been longtime collaborators and partners with and we coudn’t be more excited that The Internet Health Report is about the human experience of the Internet. It is an independent, open source compilation of data, research and stories that show how the Internet is evolving across five issues.

You may know other Internet reports that look more squarely at industry trends and new technologies. This is not their goal.

Working with researchers, digital rights activists, Mozilla fellows and community, Mozilla tells a collaborative story of how the Internet is — and isn’t — healthy from a human perspective.

The Report draws on a wide body of existing research on issues ranging from privacy to connectivity, to online harassment and the economics of online platforms.

Loup’s Humans of the Internet listening lounge at the 2017 Mozilla Festival was a space for participants to connect and tell their stories. It was also an awesome opportunity for Mozilla to learn more about the work of those fighting to keep the internet growing and healthy.

Ugo Vallauri in the 2018 Internet Health Report.

We transcribed and edited a few of the audio interviews, and were delighted to see Ugo Vallauri’s story used to write an article — A fix to our throw-away technology culture“ — in the Web Literacy section of the 2018 Internet Health Report. This is a super concrete example of what we say that Loup’s StoryEngine methodology delivers more than research findings — it also creates a set of assets that others (within or beyond your organization) can use amplify your work. And that often the best way to tell your story is to elevate the voices of the people you serve.

The Internet Health Report is wonderfully designed, engaging, and chock-full of concrete examples of the issues and actions surrounding the modern world’s most valuable resource. Read more »